PFG: Indefinite Hiatus

The time has come for me to bid you adieu, loyal PFG readers.

In short, I’ve agreed to step back from the “fangirl” to focus on the “professional”. I have a chance to finally do what it is I have always wanted to do and I have to be honest, I jumped to claim it without thinking twice about putting PFG on a hiatus.

Even though I can’t exactly elaborate on the why’s, the who’s and the what’s… I promise you: This is a good thing! A very, very good thing. Please know that PFG is my baby and it will always be sitting in the back of my mind waiting for it’s time to shine. However, I feel confident in my decision to take a few steps back and allow another website to be my priority.

Thank you all for reading my craziness, supporting the cause of my crazy, and sharing my crazy experiences. Your support has meant the world and I hope you’ll continue to support me in my next few steps!

With Love,


“Professional Fangirl”


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