NYCC: Day 2! More Sights, Less Sounds.

My 2nd day at New York Comic Con was not was exciting as the first. I missed my first panel because the NYCC shuttle from Grand Central wasn’t running, and that sort of set the precedent for the rest of the day.

Once I finally got to NYCC I did some wandering around and scored some ‘Beautiful Creatures’ swag including a tote bag, movie poster, temporary tattoos, and a free preview of the book. I made a friend at the DC booth who shared some vital information with me for this weekend regarding the ‘Arrow’ panel. I found some free snacks in the Krave booth near The Block, got to watch an artist paint a really gorgeous portrait of Heath Ledger’s Joker from ‘The Dark Knight’, and watched a bunch of really bad dancers tackle the Just Dance 4 stage. I also finally got to take a picture with Chris Hemsworth. Sort of.

I wanted to meet Anne Rice during her autograph session but the line was so long I did not even bother getting on it. I explored the autographing area and got to see Sean Astin, Tom Felton, Nicholas Brendon, and Lou Ferrigno. I could only get close enough to Lou and Nicholas for pictures, but I got reprimanded by NYCC staff for taking “candids” of “Mr. Ferrigno”. He requested there be none, or something like that…

Today is Day 3 and it’s what I like to call “The Big Day”. There is a ‘Teen Wolf’ panel I’m looking forward to not only because I love ‘Teen Wolf’, but with all of that Colton Haynes drama I can’t wait to see what Jeff Davis and Tyler Posey have to say about it all. Then there are back-to-back movie panels in IGN for ‘Beautiful Creatures’, ‘Carrie’, and ‘Evil Dead’ including casts and first looks. Oh, and there is the big ‘The Walking Dead’ panel – featuring the cast just one day before the Season 3 premiere!

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