NYCC: Day 1! Ben Folds Five Kicks It Off!

Thursday night after the first day of New York Comic Con Ben Folds Five took the stage inside the IGN Theater to start the party, and start the party they did!

I listened to a whole lot of Ben Folds Five when I was in high school, so seeing them live for the first time ever Thursday night was pretty surreal for me. They performed a nice mix of oldies and newbies from their discography, including one of my favorite songs ever: “Kate”. In 1997 I actually wanted to change my name to Kate because of that song, so when it started up I almost passed out from a fangirl stroke.

In an attempt to actually enjoy the show (success!) I didn’t take too many pictures or video, but here’s a little bit of what I did take just for you. The video includes snippets from the classic ‘Brick’, a very short moment with Chris Hardwick, and then the beginning of their latest single ‘Do It Anyway’. Enjoy!

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