Taylor Swift’s “Red”: Intriguing Song Titles Are Intriguing!

The time to spend a night decoding lyrics and discussing all of our assumptions about each song on Taylor Swift’s new album “Red” is almost here.

For those of you who love Taylor Swift and her bevy of love songs about all of her famous conquests and Hollywood heart breakers, October 22nd cannot get here soon enough! I know when I first posted about “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” I was still skeptical, but I have already caved to it’s catchy melody and lyrics… not to mention I think all of the other songs that Taylor’s released for us to hear are all pretty awesome, too.

Taylor released the track listing for “Red” this week and I’ve got to say.. I am pretty intrigued by some of them. Treacherous? The Last Time? Everything Has Changed? Dramatic song titles! I need answers ASAP!

1.) State of Grace
2.) Red
3.) Treacherous
4.) I Knew You Were Trouble
5.) All Too Well
6.) 22
7.) I Almost Do
8.) We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
9.) Stay Stay Stay
10.) The Last Time
11.) Holy Ground
12.) Sad Beautiful Tragic
13.) The Lucky One
14.) Everything Has Changed
15.) Starlight
16.) Begin Again

12 days until we get to hear “Red” from start to finish. I am so, so, so ready. Are you?


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