What You Should Be Watching Tonight: ‘The Mob Doctor’ on FOX!

So Fall television is back in full swing these days and now all of the same people who were excited for premieres and debuts are anxiously awaiting cancellations. I, however, am so in love with everything I’ve been watching both new and old that I can’t even bare the thought of losing any of them.

One show in particular I am most concerned about? ‘The Mob Doctor‘ on FOX. To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first… in fact I was sure that I would probably hate it by the end of the first episode. But I don’t. At all. In fact I’m so attached I’m writing this post to spread the good word in hopes of bringing in even the slightest bit more of an audience.

You see, the thing is, there have only been three episodes. The show of course has it’s flaws: sometimes it’s a little too corny on the mob side, and sometimes things are a little too predictable, and the love story between Grace Devlin (played by Jordana Spiro) and her fellow doctor Brett Robinson (played by ‘Friday Night Lights’ Zach Gilford) is pretty lame, but when the show is good – like when you are trying to figure out what mob boss Constantine (played by the terrifying William Forsythe) is up to and whether or not he’s being sincere with Grace about her father, and when you’re left wondering what the real connection between Grace’s family and the Chicago mob actually is, especially after seeing that interaction with Grace’s mom Daniella (played by Wendy Makkena). It should also be pointed out that Jordana Spiro is perfectly cast as the intelligent, reluctant, determined lead who wants to get her family uninvolved but can’t seem to uninvolve herself. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it puts an entirely new spin on the oh-so-trendy hospital setting for prime time dramas, as well as being the Chicago mob and not the New York mob like every other mob-related television show and movie in existence. Oh, and even though I didn’t mention his character above: James Carpinello is hot. Really, really hot.

So, give ‘The Mob Doctor‘ a shot. You can watch the first three episodes in full on their official site, and then you can check out episode four tonight on FOX at 9pm/8c. Then tell all of your friends what they are missing, okay? Okay.


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