Just Another Reason Rebel Wilson Is Infinitely Better Than The Rest Of Us

Now, let me be clear: I have loved Rebel Wilson since that God awful Mexican tattoo scene in ‘Bridesmaids‘. However I knew once I saw ‘Pitch Perfect‘ a few months back for the first time at an advanced screening that by the end of 2012 she would be a huge star – and it’s becoming more and more obvious that I was right!

Rebel Wilson steals the show in ‘Pitch Perfect‘ with her hilarious Fat Amy improvisations and some Mermaid dancing, but she’s also been stealing the show on the boob tube on just about every talk show she’s been on! What takes the cake though is her appearance on The Ellen Show yesterday where she and Ellen Degeneres did an impromptu and FLAWLESS performance of Salt N Pepa’s “Shoop”!

The video has already gone viral but based on my vast appreciation for Rebel, Ellen, and Salt N Pepa music, it was mandatory to share this with my readers as well. Just in case you guys were living an internet and television free life yesterday or something horribly boring like that.

Pitch Perfect‘ opens wide in theaters everywhere today and hopefully you already have plans to see it this weekend!


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