Jennifer Lawrence Slays Vogue UK’s November Cover

Jennifer Lawrence’s Vogue cherry has been popped!

I have to say this is long overdue. Even after reading that this was Jennifer’s first cover I did some research just to double check because I cannot believe someone as stunning, gorgeous, fashionable, and talented had not already been awarded this privilege.

Regardless, Jennifer Lawrence looks exactly that on her debut cover: stunning, gorgeous, and fashionable! Maybe we can look forward to a domestic Vogue cover next Fall in honor of ‘Catching Fire‘… Someone go plant that seed in Anna Wintour’s head now so she totally thinks it’s her idea, okay?

So, what’s Jen promoting? ‘Silver Linings Playbook‘ – her latest film in which she co-stars with Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this year to rave reviews and even some Oscar buzz, which isn’t a first for Academy Award Nominee Jennifer Lawrence. It’s also nice to see Jennifer playing an adult and not a teenager, as her character in the film is dealing with the death of her husband.

Silver Linings Playbook‘ hits theaters on November 21st – Thanksgiving weekend!


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