Backstreet Boys Rock Out For Old Navy

The Backstreet Boys perform in a giant boombox overlooking an Old Navy runway in their new commercial!

Old Navy, one of my favorite clothing retailers, has really been stepping up their game as far as celebrity endorsements go. This year alone they’ve had the stars from ‘Blossom’ Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence in one commercial, and the stars from the original (and better) ‘90210’ – Jennie Garth, Jason Priestley, and Luke Perry – in another.

What does Old Navy have lined up next? Boy bands!

The Backstreet Boys recently performed a free concert at Bryant Park sponsored by Old Navy, and now they are bringing a taste of that to your television commercial breaks promoting “skinny jeans for all sizes” – and by all sizes they mean “Everybody”! Ha, get it? GET IT?

Makes you wonder who Old Navy has in store for us next… Any suggestions, PFG readers?


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