’10 Years’ Cast Q&A: Part 1! Ari Graynor & Oscar Isaac!

Ari Graynor & I after the ’10 Years’ cast Q&A at Landmark Sunshine in NYC, 9/15/12.

’10 Years’ hit select theaters in New York and Los Angeles this weekend, and in honor of it’s release the cast joined forces and surprised moviegoers here in New York for some Q&A’s!

I got a little bit of advanced notice about where the cast was going to be and when, so I made sure to be in the right place at the right time. The cast was scheduled to appear for a Q&A following the 7:15pm screening at Landmark Sunshine on Houston Street, and when I got there Jenna Dewan, Kate Mara, Ari Graynor, Max Minghella, Anthony Mackie, Scott Porter, Brian Geraghty, and Oscar Isaac were in White Rabbit having some drinks, a restaurant right next to the theater. Eventually the cast made their way into the theater for the Q&A, and Channing Tatum snuck in through another entrance while no one was looking. Crafty!

The Q&A lasted around 45 minutes (lucky audience!) and when they were done the cast came out all at once – together. Even though there weren’t many fans waiting for them outside, chaos still ensued. It took me a moment to realize that the chaos was surrounding Channing Tatum and Channing Tatum only, and in that moment Kate Mara, Max Minghella, and Oscar Isaac walked right past me to their car. I spotted Ari Graynor leaving as well and finally seized the opportunity to politely stop her and ask her for a picture. After our picture, which I personally think is adorable, I was able to tell her how much I loved the film. Max, Kate, and Oscar were all still waiting to get into their car and were within ear shot so I was able to include them when I mentioned that the whole cast was fantastic. Max and Kate got into their car but Oscar waited so that we could take a picture together as well.

Oscar Isaac & I at the ’10 Years’ cast Q&A in NYC, 9/15/12.

Both Ari and Oscar were so nice! When you see the film you’ll fall head over heels in love with Oscar, too. You’ve been warned.

More pictures with Scott Porter, Jenna Dewan, and Anthony Mackie coming later this week! Until then… please go see ’10 Years’ in theaters. It was a fantastic film with incredible performances from the entire cast and deserves to be seen!

I couldn’t find any video of the actual Q&A (fangirl fail!), but I did find video of their introduction and included it below. There is also a video of Jenna Dewan, Rosario Dawson, Kate Mara, Ari Graynor, Channing Tatum, and Scott Porter from the press junket held on Sunday courtesy of PopSugar!

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