HBO Gives Us a Teasing Look At the ‘Girls’ Return!

HBO’s ‘Girls’ stars Zosia Mamet, Jemima Kirke, Lena Dunham, and Allison Williams at the Spring premiere in NYC.

My hands down favorite new show of 2012 has to be HBO’s ‘Girls‘. The series premiered in April with just 10 episodes which were incredible but not enough. Good news came quickly that HBO had already green-lit the Lena Dunham created hit, but the original rumors were that the show would not return for a year. Thankfully my friend Brian over at BEST Blog got the scoop from one of the shows stars Allison Williams that the show would actually be returning in January, and now we’ve got it in video format confirmation!

While the tease below doesn’t show us much more than some short clips from season two’s filming, the upbeat tempo and seeing all of the characters back in their natural habitat is enough to get you pumped for season two. Is Jessa going to stay married? Is Marnie going to put her life back together? What’s Shoshanna going to be like now that she’s popped her cherry? Are Hannah and Adam really broken up? So many questions. Hopefully we get all of the answers in three months or so!

If you missed it, check out how I met Jemima Kirke at Zac Posen during Fashion Week!


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