Ben Folds Five Returns With A Star Studded “Do It Anyway”!

Congratulations to Ben Folds Five for having hands down the coolest music video ever for “Do It Anyway”. Why does PFG say it’s so cool? Well, for starters it’s got Anna Kendrick… and you know how I feel about Anna Kendrick. More importantly though – sorry, Anna! – IT’S GOT FRAGGLES! Oh, plus funny man Rob Cordry and Nerdist’s own Chris Hardwick.

Alright, alright, plus we’ve got to admit it’s really cool to see Ben Folds Five back in action with a fantastic new song, and I am so psyched for Ben Folds Five first new album together in over a decade. A DECADE. That means I was in high school the last time they had music out… but let’s not talk about that too much because it makes me feel really old.

Ben Folds Five ‘The Sound of the Life of the Mind’ will be released this Wednesday, September 18th. Can’t wait to hear all the new jams!

Read Ben Folds Five latest interview with Rolling Stone here.


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