Weekend Randomness: Chris Riggi!

Chris Riggi & I at the ‘Perks of Being A Wallflower’ premiere, 9/13/12.

So Thursday night while I was waiting in line for the ’10 Years’ screening I attended, one of my favorite actors Johnny Simmons tweeted that his upcoming film ‘The Perks of Being A Wallflower’ was having a premiere in New York. Talk about last minute surprises!

I have some pictures and some deets from the premiere that I am waiting to share until later this week, so I’m not going to spoil those posts by putting anything good here. But I will say I had a great night and I can’t wait for you to see the cast pictures I took!

However I did get the chance to meet Chris Riggi who you may know from ‘Vampires Suck’ – yes, he played Jacob White! – and it’s kind of a funny story how that all happened.

While waiting to meet the cast members from ‘Perks’ these two guys kept coming outside to chat with friends and get some fresh air. One of them looked so familiar, and you know how actors just kind of have that… super human glow? Well, he had it. None of us could put a name to the face though, so we just spent all night staring at him and hoping something would click. We got lucky when his friend sat down next to us outside and started chatting with us, and I finally just decided to ask him politely who his friend was. They both joked around with us for a few minutes before Chris  told us his name, and his friend waited to see if it clicked. When it didn’t he told us that he had been in ‘Vampire Suck’ and it was like an instant recognition – I literally turned to my friend and said “Jacob!”

As you know I’m a pretty avid Taylor Lautner fan so meeting his polar-opposite (um, sort of…) was pretty exciting. Chris was a sport and let us take pictures with him and even stayed to chat and joke around with us for a few minutes before leaving for the evening. All in all it was a pretty random but awesome surprise!

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