Justin Bieber Supports The Elephant Project!

That elephant Justin Bieber is holding could be YOURS – click the picture to bid on it in support of The Elephant Project!

My friends at The Elephant Project scored big this spring when they got the chance to meet up with Justin Bieber and ask him to participate in their project. As you can see, Justin Bieber was totally down to help them out – and now it’s your turn to help!

The Elephant Project auctions off autographs, pictures, and those cute stuffed elephants you see in the pictures to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

The bidding starts at $24.99 on eBay and includes the following:

The JUSTIN BIEBER package comes with an “Elephant Project” card signed by Justin Bieber, an 8×10 photo of Justin Bieber posing with Coastline the Elephant (without the watermark), and one brand new Coastline beanie baby.

As of publish time the auction has 7 days left and will end on 9/19/12 – so go get those bids in now!

Right now The Elephant Project also has bids from One Direction, Darren Criss, Rihanna, and Ian Somerhalder among many, many others! Check out The Elephant Project eBay profile for ALL listings and help out a really great cause.

Follow @ElephantProject on Twitter & Facebook for updates about auctions!


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