Jessica Simpson Launches Her Weight Watchers Campaign!

Motherhood has not taken away Jessica Simpson’s silly side!

Jessica Simpson has not only struggled with her weight in recent years, but she has struggled through lots of tabloid abuse over it as well.

While Jessica was pregnant with her first child, daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson who was born in May, it was wildly speculated she would take the reigns from Jennifer Hudson and launch a Weight Watchers campaign – they were right!

Jessica’s first post-baby appearance came on the very first episode of Katie Couric’s new daytime talk show “Katie” on ABC where she debuted a much slimmer body than we last saw in May right before she gave birth, as well as her very first Weight Watchers commercial. Jessica explained she didn’t want to do the “big body reveal” and instead wanted to talk to people in a much more intimate and real way, hence the close up shot of Jessica’s face instead of a full-body show off. Jessica also shared with Katie that she has lost 40lbs since May and has more to go, saying her next goal weight was another 10lbs down.

Now, as someone who has used Weight Watchers in the past I can tell you that it DOES work. It takes a good two weeks or so to get into the habit, and once you are in it it’s pretty easy to follow. However Jessica is keeping mum about the fact she is working daily with a physical trainer as well which is definitely helping escalate the amount of weight she loses. Of course Weight Watchers does suggest working out, but the average American will obviously not have the same regimen as someone like Jessica who is using the same trainer (Harley Pasternak!) that gave her that infamous Daisy Duke body that had us all drooling back in the day!

Either way, major kudos to Jessica for her weight loss, her new found confidence, and that radiant motherhood glow she is showing off these days! She looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see where this Weight Watchers campaign takes her!


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