NYFW vs. ‘Teen Wolf’: Holland Roden @ DKNY & Colton Haynes @ Diane von Furstenberg!

Holland Roden & I at NYFW’s DKNY show on 9/9/12.

Fashion Week is almost over at this point but I have had so much fun with it the past few days that it’s kept me from keeping you up-to-date!

After a fantastic Wednesday kick-off with Ryan Lochte and Alexander Ludwig, and a great Fashion’s Night Out with Coco Rocha and Kellan Lutz, I laid low Friday  night. Saturday morning/afternoon I had other obligations keeping me from the tents (oh and also those three crazy random tornadoes we had…) so I got an unintentional second day off. Sunday the fun picked right back up again!

Every year I skip DKNY because it is a show that is held so far away from the tents that it is actually kind of a hassle to go down there. However every year I hear of other people meeting some superb members of young Hollywood so I figured I would try my luck this year. Of course the year I show up the only guests are Ashley Greene, the face of DKNY who I’ve met before, and Holland Roden from ‘Teen Wolf‘ – who I hadn’t met before. I had already missed arrivals as I had been running late, but thankfully these big fashion shows are only 10-15 minutes tops so I didn’t have to wait very long. It was a little chaotic seeing as how everyone and their mother had the same mindset I did about the show, but thanks to Holland Roden being an absolute peach to fans when she came outside I was finally able to snag a picture and let her know how much I absolutely LOVE ‘Teen Wolf‘. I would also like to say that I really love her fan-photo steeze. Yes, I’m bringing steeze back. The word – not the look. That’s all Holland!

Colton Haynes & I after the Diane von Furstenberg runway show on 9/9/12.

Later on in the day I met up with the rest of my friends up at the tents to await arrivals for Diane von Furstenberg’s show. June had heard Colton Haynes would be attending as a guest and so being the huge ‘Teen Wolf‘ fans we are we were prepared to wait it out. I was also pretty psyched that I would have met not one but two of the shows stars in one day – what luck! Though I will admit I have met Colton before, back before ‘Teen Wolf‘ had even aired yet and courtesy of my friend June who is like major BFF’s with him thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter.

Colton arrived a few minutes before the show and took a few pictures before being rushed inside. I missed my chance at his arrival, but being the sweetheart that he is he was more than happy to take more pictures on his way out as well. I’m not too fond of this picture of myself but Colton looks super dreamy which I have to tell you, he very much is!

If you have not watched ‘Teen Wolf‘ because you think it’s some corny show on MTV, please stop being so ignorant and give it a shot by at least watching the first season. If you aren’t completely sucked into it by then I give you full permission to give up, but I promise you – you won’t want to give up!

I have tons more to post from Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and will do my best to get them up ASAP!

If you would like to share these pictures on your web-site please make sure to credit back to my site. DO NOT REMOVE TAGS. Thank you!


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