NYFW: Anna Sophia Robb & Jamie Chung @ Diane von Furstenberg!

Anna Sophia Robb & I after Diane von Furstenberg, 9/9/12.

In my previous post about Fashion Week you read that I got the chance to meet Holland Roden at DKNY and Colton Haynes at Diane von Furstenberg, but there were so many other people at the show as well!

While I didn’t get the chance to meet Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Sarah Jessica Parker, Andy Cohen, or Angela Simmons I was still able to snap a few pictures of their arrivals/departures.

Aside from Colton Haynes I was able to snag pictures with Anna Sophia Robb who you will all know more about in just a few short months when ‘The Carrie Diaries‘ premieres on The CW in January taking up residency in the ‘Gossip Girl‘ spot once it ends. I had tried to meet Anna Sophia Robb back in May at The CW Upfronts but after taking a couple pictures with fans she was done doing so for the day. Anna Sophia is a little bit of a sassy pants though because while photographers were yelling her name to take pictures of her arrival and calling her Anna (pronounced like Anna Paquin, Anna Kendrick, etc.) she yelled at them and said, “It’s Ahh-na. Not Anna. Ahh-na.” Jaw on the floor! Then when we were all asking her for pictures she asked us all to take a group picture… but eventually she decided to take individuals with us which was really nice of her.

Jamie Chung & I after the Diane von Furstenberg show, 9/9/12.

Another actress I got to meet for the first time after Diane von Furstenberg was Jamie Chung. This was super exciting because I saw a film she made with Rob Lowe called ‘Knife Fight‘ back in April at the Tribeca Film Festival and she was so great in it, so I was happy to get to tell her that! I have to admit she seemed genuinely impressed that I had seen it and thanked me before we took our picture together.

Seeing Sarah Jessica Parker arrive with Andy Cohen was very exciting, and not just to see them in person but because of the frenzy they caused. Photographers were crawling over each other to get to them like wild dogs. Which poses my next point: Why do photographers buy $15,000.00 cameras that can take crystal clear pictures from yards away feel the need to trample over everyone to get as close to their subject as possible? I don’t understand it or the logic behind it, and I would never spend that much money on a camera if it still meant having to run around like a banshee trying to get a good enough shot, you know?

Check out the slideshow below for more pictures from the Diane von Furstenberg show arrivals and departures!

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