“ParaNorman” Teams up with Nike and the Born This Way Foundation!

ParaNorman“, which is still in select theaters worldwide, is the story of a young and very misunderstood little boy. Of course because he is so misunderstood he is bullied by pretty much his entire town, including his own family, but when he finds out that he is the only one that can save them from a curse that could endanger all of their lives he doesn’t hesitate to do so. I thought that “ParaNorman” was a truly beautiful story for children and adults alike, and it was visually stunning as there is nothing else quite like it in stop-motion animation.

The creators of “ParaNorman” – the fantastic team at Laika – have teamed up with Nike to create limited edition “ParaNorman” Air Foamposite Ones in which 70% (that’s a LOT!) will benefit the Born This Way Foundation.

There are 80 pairs of the “ParaNorman” Air Foamposite Ones on eBay and not a single pair is without bids. Incredible! If you have a couple of grand laying around and want to support a pretty awesome collaboration I suggest you get to bidding!

See “ParaNorman” in theaters and take everyone you know with you – you won’t regret it!


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