NYFW: 2012 Fashion’s Night Out with Bloomingdale’s and Kellan Lutz!

Kellan Lutz at Bloomingdale’s for Fashion’s Night Out, 9/6/12.

Following my first hour of Fashion’s Night Out at Longchamp with Coco Rocha my friends and I had big plans for the rest of the night. Our next stop was to see Kellan Lutz at Bloomingdale’s for Charisma Bedding, and then we were scheduled to head downtown to the Meatpacking District where we would sip champagne at Jeffrey and chat with Jessica Chastain and maybe stroll across the street and do the same with Allison Williams at Diane von Furstenberg.

Unfortunately, Bloomingdale’s was about to put out our Fashion’s Night Out fire.

We arrived to Bloomingdale’s shortly after 7:30pm to find that Kellan Lutz had only just arrived a few minutes before us and had not started the meet and greet yet as he was still doing pre-event press. None of us held this against Kellan because the chances of this actually being Kellan’s fault were slim to not at all, but Bloomingdale’s advertised the event as running from 7-9pm so at this point they were already an hour behind. The line looked much more intense than it actually was, and when Brian, June, Kathy, and I went to get on the end of it a very polite security guard informed us the line was closed. Ugh.

I spoke with a manager who informed me that we were more than welcome to wait at the end of the line behind the security guard this way if the line went quickly enough they would squeeze us in at the very end. We were perfectly okay with this knowing full well that our chances were based purely on how the next hour or so went, and security seemed okay with it as well. At least for the first 45 minutes. Somewhere around the 8:30-8:45 mark we started to get badgered repeatedly by members of the security team we had not spoken with all evening as well as a woman who claimed first to be security, then a publicist, and then the event coordinator. I am still not sure what she was, but I can tell you that she was excessively rude to all of us waiting in line and proceeded to talk down to us for the rest of the evening as if she were somehow better than us. Customer service at it’s finest! Though the store did not close until 10pm and a manager had informed us there was no problem with us waiting until the event ended to see what happened we were told that we had “false hope” and that there was no way Kellan would be seeing everyone waiting in line by 10pm, therefore we should all leave. They told us to go downstairs to the bars, but the bars were all closed as Brian and Kathy found out on an excursion to get us some refreshments while we waited. Bloomingdale’s closed all of the bars not because they ran out of alcohol, but because they ran out of glasses. I guess they were too shorthanded to have anyone walk around and pick up all the empty ones laying around the store.

Kellan Lutz and I on Fashion’s Night Out, 9/6/12.

This is getting lengthy so I’m going to try and cut it short. Though we were repeatedly harassed by security demanding we leave Bloomingdale’s – which was still very much open and running despite the closed bars – the line finally finished at around 9:15. Everyone who had been waiting in line ahead of us got up to meet Kellan and with 45 minutes to spare at that. However, security held the 7 or 8 of us still waiting after the line “cut off” behind a wall where Kellan and his team could not see us, therefore there were no efforts on his or their part to get us up there. It would have taken less than 10 minutes for us all to go up and meet him, but that was too much to ask. As someone who has met Kellan before I can tell you he would have had absolutely no problem with an extra ten minutes with his fans, but Bloomingdale’s did. They ushered Kellan out of the signing area where he still could not see us, and we all ended up crossing paths with him at the escalator. Brian over at BEST Blog got to speak to Kellan and tell him they would not let us up, and Kellan was very excited to see us and even came over to say hello. (Read Brian’s story + see pics here!)

A crowd accumulated around Kellan and he had to go, so once he did we made our way downstairs and proceeded to leave for the night as well. On our way out we noticed the SUV waiting for him and considering that June, Kathy, and I still had not gotten the chance to interact with Kellan ourselves we waited it out. A few moments later Kellan emerged and was more than happy to take pictures with us, especially after we told him they wouldn’t let any of us in. This is why Kellan Lutz is THE BEST!

The night ended with Kellan wishing us a goodnight and saying, “I’ll see you guys again soon!” I can’t wait!

Note to Self: Never, ever, ever return to Bloomingdale’s for an event no matter how good it is.


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