“Glee” Season 4: Trailer, Behind the Scenes, & Cast Photo!

“Glee” Season Four: Who’s Missing?

After the season finale of “Glee” last Spring I told myself I was done with the show for good – no matter what happened. Some amazing celebrity guest cast members have been added since like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson, but I wouldn’t let it sway me back in. Something about the show drastically changed last season in a way that left a bad taste in my mouth, though I can’t quite pinpoint it. The story lines were all over the place and the performances felt mediocre at best, especially when we’ve seen the best and we know we’re not getting it any more. I knew it was time to retire my Gleek hat when I spent more of the hour cringing than laughing and being excited about what was going on, so I did.

Recently promotional pictures were released online from the fourth season of “Glee” and it’s almost all new cast and there was an immediate buzz on the net – but not for the reason you think. While most were indeed excited about the first look, especially the cast photo, there was one very important piece of the “Glee” puzzle missing: Dianna Agron. Now I know that Dianna has been trying to break into movies full-time and I bet she has a much better chance of doing that now that “Glee” has added so many new members to fill the old positions, but as far as the Gleek world went we were all under the impression Quinn Fabray was back in season four. Ryan Murphy has since dismissed rumors she was leaving for good, but after seeing the below behind the scenes look at season four and not seeing a single glimpse of Dianna I have to say things are not looking too good.

Kate Hudson will play a mean dance teacher to Lea Michele in season four of “Glee”!

One thing that IS looking good? How about newcomer Dean Geyer, Rachel Berry’s (Lea Michele) first post-Finn Hudson (Cory Montieth) love interest! Can you say W-O-W?! I would… but my jaw is on the floor!

Another hot item in the first Behind the Scenes look at the next season of “Glee” is definitely Kate Hudson who will play Rachel’s dance teacher at NYADA. Kate puts on what looks like a steamy performance during what is presumably a dance class and she looks fantastic doing so!

I don’t know, I feel like I am being reeled back in… which means FOX sure knows how to promote! Time will tell if I bite the bullet. Check out the trailer for season four below, and tune into the premiere on September 13th on FOX!

Are YOU looking forward to season four of “Glee“?


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