Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift for Fashion’s Night Out?

Fashion’s Night Out is back again this year and will take place September 6, 2012 all over the world!

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are featured in the official Fashion’s Night Out commercial talking about how you can meet designers, models, and musicians such as themselves at stores all over the world.

That’s great and all… except for one tiny little problem: Fashion’s Night Out is the same night as MTV’s Video Music Awards. You know, where Justin Bieber has at least two nominations and Taylor Swift is set to perform despite her zero nominations.

Oh and in case you missed it since he has already deleted it, Justin Bieber threw some shade at MTV this morning for telling him he can’t perform at the VMA’s because he performed at the Teen Choice Awards. As usual Justin’s fans are handling it like the mature teenagers that they are.

Now I don’t necessarily want to count my chickens before they hatch so I will say this: Even though Fashion’s Night Out is primarily a big deal in New York rather than anywhere else despite how many cities it may be in considering New York is the home and mecca of all things Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, who is to say these two won’t pop up at a Fashion’s Night Out event in Los Angeles? Keep those eyes and ears peeled, west coast!

Despite the conflict of interest in who Fashion’s Night Out decided to have in their promotional video, September 6th is sure to be a good time here in New York as we are not limited to pop stars here during Fashion Week. I guess we’ll see who turns up!


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