Cameron Crowe Interviews Emma Stone For Interview Magazine!

Fresh off of “The Amazing Spider-Man” summer blockbuster success Emma Stone was originally scheduled to appear on the cover of Interview Magazine in coordination with the original release date for “Gangster Squad” – September 7th. However the film has seen a couple of release date changes since it’s production and has now been pushed back to January 11, 2013.

Thankfully Emma Stone is enough of a style icon and fashionista herself among her Young Hollywood peers to keep the September cover of Interview Magazine , and she looks absolutely incredible doing so!

Not only did Emma snag the cover, but legendary film director Cameron Crowe conducted the interview. For those of you that don’t know Emma has been cast in Cameron’s upcoming and long awaited “Deep Tiki“.

So much is discussed in the interview I don’t even know where to begin! They talk “To Kill A Mockingbird“, Coronado, “Some Like It Hot“, Martin Scorsese, Emma’s BFF Taylor Swift, fans, heartbreak, going from blonde to red to blonde again, “Superbad” (in great detail and more than once), Ryan Gosling, and drinking bourbon on set with the cast of “The Help“. And SO much more!

My favorite quote however comes courtesy of Emma regarding her first heartbreak:

CROWE: What was your first heartbreak like?

STONE: I was crawling on the floor. I remember throwing up.

CROWE: On the spot? Or thinking about it later?

STONE: Like, within the hour. I remember being on the floor . . . I have never felt anything quite like that. It was so visceral. It’s like someone has killed you and you have to live through it and watch it happen . . . It was awful.

To read the interview in full and check out more pictures from the spread visit Interview Magazine, or pick up a copy on newsstands now!


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