VIDEO: Zayn Malik Gets Caught Macking A Groupie

The big topic of discussion on the internet last night was: “Is Zayn Malik cheating on his girlfriend?”

Um, who cares? This video is HILARIOUS. I honestly don’t know what is funnier: Zayn macking this random girl in the hallway, his security guard doing some major mack-blocking, or Zayn making sure to ask how old the girl is AFTER inviting her back to his room. Like where do I even begin with this?

Whatever, while the internet is busy throwing shade, blame, and fan insanity at just about everyone they can get their e-hands on I will just be here laughing at Zayn Malik’s groupie game.

Also, how creepy is it that someone took this video through their hotel room peep hole? Nothing and nowhere is safe, kids.


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