Robert Pattinson Says ‘Good Morning America’!

The one and only picture I’ve been able to take of Robert Pattinson during his promotional trip to New York for “Cosmopolis.” Taken 8/15/12.

Robert Pattinson fans have been on the edge of their seats since his sit-down interview with ‘Good Morning America‘ was announced, nervous about what the interview would entail. Both fans and media outlets argued over what he would talk about: “Cosmopolis” vs. His Personal Life.

Unfortunately for ‘Good Morning America‘, his first official sit down interview was actually with Jon Stewart at ‘The Daily Show‘ on Comedy Central. If you follow me on Twitter you know that I was there on Monday evening when Robert Pattinson arrived, and unfortunately he used their garage and was not able to stop for fans. As I explained on Twitter to those who slightly freaked out over the idea he might not be meeting fans at all on this trip, especially those who camped out for two nights just a few blocks away at the “Cosmopolis” premiere, things like this are usually not up to the celebrity. Especially a celebrity of Rob’s caliber. If security and PR (or management in Rob’s case since he does not have a publicist) do not feel confident in safety or discretion, they will not allow it. Lots of people like to blame the celebrity when things like this happen, but lots of people tend to forget that while a celebrity may want to meet their fans it just might not be possible.

Personally I think Rob’s sit down with Jon Stewart was handled exceptionally well. Rob was in good spirits, he was joking and laughing, and he dodged talking about the you-know-who’s and the you-know-what’s. My favorite quote was when Rob stated, “My biggest problem in my life is that I’m cheap. I didn’t hire a publicist.” If a star as big as Robert Pattinson can get away with not having a publicist I am pretty sure no one actually needs one! Watch the full ‘The Daily Show‘ episode here.

While at ‘The Daily Show‘ a handful of photographs and autograph sellers mentioned that both of Rob’s cars had been at ‘Good Morning America‘ earlier that morning, which left them with assuming he had pre-taped his sit down interview. I was skeptical of this but figured it was entirely possible as the ‘Good Morning America‘ studio is much smaller than that of the ‘Today Show‘ and there is not really room for the fan brigade that Rob was sure to bring in. However when I heard people were camping out and didn’t see any clips or pictures from ‘Good Morning America‘ on the internet prior to this morning, I decided to head in around 6am – just in case. When I got there I spoke to a ‘Good Morning America‘ security guard who told me Rob, in fact, did not pre-tape and that he would be in the studio live today.

There were so many fans at ‘Good Morning America‘ that there was literally nowhere left to stand by the time I got there. Instead I roamed around with my friend Dana, grabbed breakfast, and waited until around the time guests usually arrive at the side door before staking claim on a spot across the street where we could see everything going on. Initially we had an excited moment when Jennifer Garner showed up and everyone thought it was Rob, and we also had the “Fab Five” Olympics Women’s USA Gymnastics Team there!

When Rob finally arrived chaos erupted, but the moment was brief. He rushed quickly from the safety of his SUV into the ‘Good Morning America‘ entrance. A few moments later he was already on camera, and even though things got awkward in the beginning Rob was still able to discuss his movie “Cosmopolis” which is what is important. As he said, “I’ve never been interested in trying to sell my personal life, and that’s really the only reason people bring it up.” Way to go, RPattz!

Later on as Rob left ‘Good Morning America‘ he made sure to stop and sign quite a few autographs before jumping into his car and jetting off to whatever it is he’s up to next today! Watch video of Rob’s appearance on Good Morning America‘ by clicking here.

Cosmopolis” will be in theaters Friday August 17th in New York and Los Angeles. Buy your tickets here or here!

If you would like to share this picture and these videos on your web-site please make sure to credit back to my site. Thank you!


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