Happy Birthday, Anna Kendrick!

Anna Kendrick & I outside of the Fox studios in New York on August 8, 2012.

I. Love. Anna Kendrick. I also love Anna Kendrick’s publicist. Why? Well, because no matter how big or small Anna’s role has been in any of her films she is always out promoting, promoting, promoting – and as you can see this works out for me since I am such a huge fan!

This week Anna was in town talking about “ParaNorman” which I’ve been blogging about here and there in excitement for it’s release, so I was more than thrilled to hear she would be doing some appearances that would allow for some fan interaction. I was originally planning on going to Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” as she was scheduled to be on Wednesday’s episode, but they pre-taped on Tuesday. I guess not much happens live then… Thankfully Anna was scheduled to be on Fox’s “Good Day New York” Wednesday morning – LIVE! – and so I set my alarm bright and early to head up to their studio. I thought she would be on in the 8am hour but I was wrong, she was on in the 9am hour. This wasn’t a big deal though, it just meant I was super early!

When Anna arrived only Brian and I were waiting for her at Fox’s entrance. Anna was in great spirits for so early in the morning, and not only was she happy to take pictures with us but she also chatted with us for a few minutes! Brian praised her for “Pitch Perfect” which we had seen together at a screening a few weeks ago, and I mentioned that we had also seen “End of Watch” and it was just as intense as she had said it was in an interview recently. Anna also joked with us about her backpack which actually made me feel better about my backpack because my friends like to make fun of me when I use it. They are just so convenient! Anna also apologized for her “wrinkled” top and told us she was going to have it fixed inside, but as you can see from my picture… it doesn’t even look wrinkled! I made sure to tell her that, too.

With all the excitement I totally forgot to wish her a happy birthday. I am the worst fan in the world, obviously.

Anna Kendrick signed my copies of Zooey Magazine and Boston Common in which she was featured on the covers. Thanks Anna!

Before heading inside for her interview, which I thought was great until they had the audacity to ask her “Team Rob or Team Kristen?” which she was super classy about responding to by not responding at all (LOVE HER!), she also signed two magazines I have been hoarding because she is on the cover. Anna doesn’t know this but I also have the Entertainment Weekly cover with her, Vera Farmiga, and George Clooney signed by all three of them at the 2009 NBR Awards and framed in my apartment so I am happy to add these to my little collection!

Next up for Anna is the Toronto Film Festival where she will premiere “End of Watch” and “The Company You Keep”. Since I’ve already seen “End of Watch” I am more excited for “The Company You Keep” to premiere as I’ve been waiting with bated breath for updates on it. Robert Redford? Shia LaBeouf? Brit Marling? Susan Sarandon? Anna Kendrick? Like hello, that sounds amazing! Plus I absolutely loved the novel, so to see it come to life with such a fantastic cast will be incredible I’m sure.

Watch an AWESOME clip from “Pitch Perfect” on MSN. Guaranteed to make you an Anna Kendrick fan!

Make sure you see “ParaNorman” on Friday August 17th!

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