GUEST BLOG: Frank Turner Performs at the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony!

Danny Boyle and Frank Turner backstage at the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday July 27th in London, England.

Hi. I’m Lauren’s friend Valerie, and anyone who knows me knows I am an avid supporter and fan of some guy called Frank Turner. You may be wondering who that is, and it’s okay if you are. I’m here to help.

Frank Turner is an English folk punk singer. He is on an independent label, tours his ass off, replies to fans regularly on the internet, you know normal stuff a dedicated and hard working musician does. Oh… and Frank Turner also just played the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. (But you wouldn’t have seen it if you lived in the USA, bloody NBC!) However you can watch below and read all about the event in Frank’s own words here.

Frank Turner and Valerie at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC on 9/21/11.

Danny Boyle, director of the Ceremonies and all around really important guy, personally asked Frank to play as he is a massive fan and picked out the three songs that were performed. Mr Boyle is in good company as other “famous fans” include Daniel Radcliffe, Russell Crowe, New Found Glory, Carson Daly, Jimmy Kimmel, NOFX, Bowling For Soup, Foster The People… to name a few. Frank Turner is the UK’s best kept secret. In April he headlined and sold out Wembley Arena and now he’s taken on the Olympics… yet he is still slowly building his following and buzz here in the US. So listen close kids, I’m doing you a favor – get into his music now. Buy his latest release England Keep My Bones on iTunes and see him on tour in the US in September. That way you’re on the bandwagon before it leaves you behind.

As a long time and huge fan of the music Frank creates I am insanely proud of him for playing literally the biggest show on earth. I hope you take my advice and maybe we can share a sing along together this fall. xx

I am so excited to have yet another guest blog up here on Professional Fangirl – thank you so much Valerie! I hope she was able to convert you all onto Frank Turner’s music like she did for me a while back. Also, be sure to check out Valerie’s AWESOME art on Etsy! If anyone else is interested in guest blogging here on PFG about your faves or a recent encounter you had, please feel free to email me! – LC


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