Olympics 2012: Opening Ceremony Highlights!

Last night in London was the Opening Ceremony and there were a dozen or so incredible moments to talk about. However, the moment that everyone seems to still be talking about now that the ceremony is over is when Daniel Craig appeared in character as James Bond to pick up and accompany Queen Elizabeth II from Buckingham Palace to the Opening Ceremony. Not only did we get to see Queen Elizabeth II, who is so rarely interested in participating in any scripted television events, have a witty moment where she neglects to address James’ presence in her quarters when he arrives, but later on as the royal helicopter flew above Olympic Stadium we saw both James Bond and the Queen jump out to parachute in! Too amazing for words! Too bad the Corgi’s couldn’t come, too.

I know that my Harry Potter fanatic friends were in a frenzy over Lord Voldemort being taken out by Mary Poppins, too. I think that definitely comes in a close second to the Queen!

For me though the moment that really touched me was Paul McCartney’s closing performance. He began with quite possibly one of the greatest lyrics ever written, “The love we take is equal to the love we make, ” taken from The Beatles song “The End.” Then he transitioned into an encore performance of “Hey Jude” in which you can hear that Paul McCartney is so overwhelmed with pride and excitement that he gets choked up in the first few lines. I literally held my hand over my heart watching his performance as if I were British myself!

In a controversial turn it appears NBC cut out the tribute to the terrorism victims of the July 7, 2005 attacks often referred to as “7/7”. Thanks to the internet we can stick it to the man by watching that performance on DeadSpin. What bothers me most about this is that if the Olympics were being hosted in the United States and our opening ceremony included a tribute to the fallen of “9/11” and we later found out that London had cut that out of their broadcast, or any country for that matter, we would raise hell. Then again, I’m sure that BBC would have been broadcasting our opening ceremony live unlike NBC did for the United States tonight.


One thought on “Olympics 2012: Opening Ceremony Highlights!

  1. I can’t believe they cut the 7/7 tribute, you’re right if a 9/11 tribute were cut it would be huge news. And the British do not talk or make a big deal out of 7/7 so them paying tribute to it here is a rarity. I am glad even if you were not a Potterhead that the spectacle of LV being there still made your post. And, you can tell you’re Irish. Any true British person would shame Macca door crying in public, like the lady in What a Girl Wants says we are British we only show affection for dogs and horses.

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