Operation Mmmbop Wedding! Will Hanson Go?

Justin Bieber tweeted this photo with Malerie Levens on July 21st saying: “Flew in a new friend :)”

Internet campaigning for celebrities to attend events has become a huge thing ever since Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake agreed to attend two different Military Balls at the end of 2011 thanks to YouTube video proposals asking them to went viral.

People have also taken to campaigning to help sick children meet their favorite celebrities. Most recently an 11 year old Oklahoma girl named Malarie Levens who was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease, meaning she is slowly losing her eye sight and will soon be completely blind, started ‘Malerie’s Vow‘ – a website dedicated to spreading awareness for Stargardt’s Disease as well as helping Malerie’s dream of seeing Justin Bieber in concert before losing her vision come true. With just 559 likes on their Facebook page and a TON of international press ‘Malerie’s Vow’ succeeded: Justin Bieber flew Malerie Levens from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Los Angeles, CA and not only did she get to see him in concert – she was brought backstage for a one-on-one with the Biebs himself!

However, some internet campaigns are just plain for fun. My fellow New York resident and Hanson fan Stephanie Lewis has started an internet campaign for Hanson to attend her wedding in Los Angeles on October 20th. Stephanie told ABC News that she has been a fan since 1997 and it would be her childhood dream for the three brothers to attend her wedding. There’s no talk of a performance, but the ‘Operation Mmmbop Wedding‘ Facebook page which currently has 188 likes states: “It is our goal to get Hanson to perform at our good friend Stephanie’s wedding!”

Stephanie made sure to tell ABC News, “Their wives and children are not invited.” Any Hanson fan will tell you that Hanson has no problem keeping their wives as far away from their fans as possible, and with good reason. However, I don’t know how Hanson will feel about them being flat-out not invited. Personally if this were me campaigning for Hanson to come to my wedding I would at least extend the invitation knowing they probably wouldn’t bring their wives anyway, but that’s just me.

This is not the first Hanson wedding attendance internet campaign this year, either. James Bishop in England has been campaigning for Hanson to be his wedding band since early 2012 on Facebook with 536 likes and even a Tumblr filled with videos from James himself. The wedding is tomorrow, July 28th, but Hanson won’t be attending. Instead of attending they sent James and his future bride Jennie a free trip to Jamaica for Hanson’s “Back to the Island” event in Negril, Jamaica from January 11 – 15th. Amazing! (Thanks to my Twitter follower @AFriendToBorrow for the update on this!)

I can’t wait to get married so I can campaign for Taylor Lautner to attend my wedding. My groom may not be too thrilled with that one though..


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