James McAvoy On “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” Set!

James McAvoy & I on the set of “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” on 7/16/12 in SoHo NYC.

Last week after a second screening of “Pitch Perfect” (read my review here) with my BFF and blogging buddy Brian from BEST Blog we decided to check On Location Vacationssee if anything as filming in the area before heading back home. It seems there has been a plethora of celebrities filming in the city this summer and to be honest, we haven’t been taking much advantage of it. It was definitely time to change that!

Nothing was filming in the area we were in but after seeing that “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” was filming in SoHo Brian reminded me that Jessica Chastain is in town and there had been candids of her on set that week. That was pretty much all the information we needed before hopping on a train downtown to see our BFF Jessica.

Once we got to the “Eleanor Rigby” set it originally looked like they might be finished for the day, so we made sure to find the cast trailers and hung out there for a little bit. If they were done for the day and anyone was still in their trailer then our chances of meeting them on their way out were pretty decent. Low and behold a little while after our arrival James McAvoy walked out of his trailer and headed back over to the set! Brian and I waited a few minutes to see if Jessica Chastain would pop out and follow suit, but when she didn’t we took a walk over to set to see if maybe she had been there the whole time instead. No dice.

We got to watch James McAvoy film a short scene that involved him running down the block in three takes. Considering the heat index was high and it was in the 90’s I felt pretty bad for him, but he was a total professional and once he was done with take 3 it was a wrap for the day. Brian and I made our way back to where his trailer was to see if James would stop for pictures there and as you can see, he did!

Though he was out of breath and a little (or a lot) sweaty James was happy to take pictures with both Brian & I. When Brian asked him how he was enjoying filming in New York James replied, “It’s fucking hot!” Sometimes nothing makes me happier than hearing a celebrity casually drop an F bomb in front of us as if we are all friends. I just love that sort of candidness!

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