TRAILER: ‘Man of Steel’

These days it seems like comic superheroes are taking over the world via your local movie theaters.

Man of Steel‘, which is the latest re-boot of the ‘Superman’ franchise, has finally released a poster and trailer for the film and I am sad to say that I am, so far, unimpressed.

The ‘Man of Steel‘ poster shows us a shadow-y Henry Cavill, the latest to take on the ‘Superman’ role, in a sleek new suit with the signature ‘S’ on his chest. It’s a tease, but it shows us just enough to get our excitement up and running! The trailer however was pretty uneventful, dare I even say dull. It shows us a scruffy looking Henry Cavill as Clark Kent on what looks to be a fisherman’s boat, then backpacking in the wilderness, then… flying through the air as ‘Superman’ – all intertwined with what looks to be flashback shots to Clark’s childhood. The only dialogue is a voice over seemingly by Kevin Costner who plays Clark’s father Jonathan Kent. Overall it looks like ‘Man of Steel‘ will take on the dark undertone of the superhero that seems to be so trendy with superhero re-boots lately. For example: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and ‘The Dark Knight’.

Hopefully it’s just the ‘first look’ that is a bit dull, because the cast line up is too phenomenal to be anything less than incredible. Aside from the already mentioned Kevin Costner and Henry Cavill (who will surely be a household name following the film’s release), ‘Man of Steel‘ also stars Amy Adams, Diane Keaton, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, and Laurence Fishburne.

Man of Steel‘ will be released on June 14, 2013. Check out the first official trailer below:


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