TRAILER: ‘Bachelorette’

I hate to post back-to-back trailers but I like to post trailers that interest me and ‘Bachelorette‘ is so far up my alley it’s practically climbing up my fire escape and peeking into my bedroom window.

The poster tells us it is potentially a classier version of ‘Bridesmaids’ with a touch of ‘Magic Mike’ sprinkled in, and the trailer is just plain hilarious. Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, and Isla Fisher make an unlikely comedy trio and Rebel Wilson steals the show every time she is on screen, as usual. The male line-up is pretty delicious too with James Marsden and Adam Scott pulling the groomsmen reigns! I also happen to think that Isla Fisher is one of the funniest and underrated women in film, and her comedic chops shine in this trailer even as she plays what is clearly a hot mess of a funny woman.

Also, is it me or are wedding comedies becoming a ‘thing’? This is not a bad thing, but I do fear for overkill.

Speaking of Rebel Wilson though, I said in my post about ‘Pitch Perfect’ last month, she is on her way to being a household name. Her television sitcom ‘Super Fun Night’ was picked up by ABC and is currently filming in Los Angeles under the title ‘Rebel’. Aside from big studio comedies like ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting‘ where she was one of the very, very few bright spots, and of course ‘Pitch Perfect‘, Rebel Wilson has made some fantastic indie choices as far as her resume goes for 2012 including: ‘Struck By Lightning‘ which has taken film festivals by storm all year long (I saw it at the Tribeca Film Festival and wrote about it HERE), and Australian indie ‘A Few Best Men‘ which has also been making the film festival rounds internationally, as well as some limited releases in select countries.

Bachelorette‘ is an indie comedy itself that premiered at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and will have a limited theatrical release in the U.S. starting on September 7th. Watch the trailer below and join me in supporting not only indie films but ensemble female comedies!


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