‘Married to Jonas’ – First Look!

Well, it’s official. The Jonas family has succumbed to reality television and has joined E! along with the Kardashian’s and every other irrelevant rich quasi-celebrity family that lets a camera crew follow it around.

The catch? The Jonas – Jonai? – aren’t irrelevant. They are talented and they have careers that didn’t start off by being the ‘other girl’ walking behind Paris Hilton in 2004 ONTD candid posts. So, I don’t really understand why they thought doing this was a good idea.

I mean… I could see why Danielle would be into it. This is pretty much her shining Jonas-wife moment, isn’t it? Her Jersey friends must be SO psyched for her. I bet they all went to Point Pleasant and drank Mike’s Hard on the boardwalk to celebrate!

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m hating so hard. This looks deliciously terrible and I am totally going to be watching every single moment from fighting over who has too many shoes to wondering who used the last of the hair product.


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