GIVEAWAY: The ‘Magic Mike’ & Justin Bieber Winners!

So here at PFG we (and by we I mean I…) had two HUGE giveaways this summer! Here’s a little update on our very lucky winners.

Justin Bieber Custom Painted Record from Valderie’s Originals (Etsy Store)

Thanks to the super creative fellow fangirl Valerie at Valderie’s Originals on Etsy I was able to giveaway this awesome purple painted ‘JB’ record in honor of Justin Bieber’s latest album release in June.

The Winner: Sheila M. from Texas!

Congrats, Sheila!

If anyone is interested in getting their own ‘JB’ record from Valderie, or anything else you want painted on a record, visit Valderie’s Originals and order one today!

‘Magic Mike’ Posters

I was able to snag a handful or two of 11×17 ‘Magic Mike’ posters at both screenings I went to release week, and I did it just for you PFG readers! 5 posters were put up for grabs a week ago and the response was insane. I wish I could give you all posters!

The Winners: Lisa, Ashley, Gabrielle, Meagan, & Molley!

Congrats, ladies!

I look forward to being able to bring you PFG readers more giveaways soon, so be sure to follow the official Professional Fangirl Facebook for site updates.

Stay tuned!


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