Alexander Ludwig Is All Tatt’d Up for ‘Grown Ups 2’

Alexander Ludwig & I on the ‘Grown Ups 2’ set in Westford/Tygsborough, MA set on 7/9/12.

So, if you read yesterday’s blog about meeting Taylor Lautner in Boston after visiting the ‘Grown Ups 2’ set and you are a ‘The Hunger Games’ fan I know you have been waiting with bated breathe to read about how I met Alexander Ludwig!

As it turns out, Alexander Ludwig was actually the first actor to leave set Monday night. We didn’t think anyone important was in the car because we had been told that the cast had been leaving in production vans and SUV’s, so when the silver rented car came down the dirt road and stopped a few feet from fans we didn’t know what to think. Then, because of the way the sun was setting and had shaded Alexander inside the car, we actually thought he was Taylor – his hair and skin looked darker! – so everyone started freaking out. Obviously we realized how wrong we were when the driver (Alex’s friend Mark Reardon who is also in ‘Grown Ups 2’) popped the trunk and Alex got out of the passenger seat and went around to the back of the car. We were all really confused, but it was funny because when we all saw that it was Alexander Ludwig and stood up waiting to see if he would come over Mark was in the front seat giving us thumbs up signs as if he had just done us the biggest favor in the world – and he had!

Alex closed the trunk (we still have no idea what he was doing or getting!) and went back around to the passenger seat when someone finally called out to him. Alex seemed surprised and said hello to all of us with a laugh and a wave, so then someone else called him over for pictures and he was like, “Totally!” I have to say that I think it is really cute that Alex probably didn’t think any of those fans were there for him when so many of us were just as excited to see him as Taylor Lautner. It had actually been a huge topic of discussion among fans while we were waiting!

After I took my picture with Alex I told him that I had come up from New York to see the set and that he had just made the trip completely worth it and he was like, “Wow, that’s nuts! Thank you for coming, that means the world.” Alex continued to take pictures with fans and, as you can hear in the video a little bit, told us that he was having a blast filming. Apparently what they were doing at the quarry was jumping off of cliffs into the quarry, and he told us he was doing it himself – no stunt doubles!

You might have noticed Alex’s arms are covered in tattoos – he assured us they were fake (even though I think they are hot) and only for ‘Grown Ups 2’. Alex plays David Spade’s rebellious son who supposedly joins the same fraternity with Taylor Lautner, David Henrie, Milo Ventimiglia, and Patrick Schwarzenegger. I managed to get good shots of both arms so I included them in the slideshow below for you to check out! They look a bit like they were hand-drawn, and my favorite one is on his left hand that says ‘School Sucks’!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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