210 Miles to Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner & I in downtown Boston on 7/9/12!

In April it was announced that Taylor Lautner would be making a cameo with a ‘key, fun’ role in the Adam Sandler comedy ‘Grown Ups 2’. Though I was excited to hear that my favorite dude would be back up on the big screen in something that was sure to be hilarious, I wasn’t all too thrilled it was just a cameo. I am excited to report that Taylor’s role is actually much bigger than was actually let on, and he stars alongside Alexander Ludwig, David Henrie, Milo Ventimiglia, and Patrick Schwarzenegger as local college fraternity brothers who have some sort of rivalry in the film with the ‘grown ups’ Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, and Chris Rock!

Needless to say, when I heard that ‘Grown Ups 2’ would be filming just a few short hours away in Massachusetts I knew that if the time were right and I knew in advance where they would be that a trip was going to be absolutely necessary. Most of you know that I am a pretty diehard Taylor Lautner fan, and considering he is a West Coast boy it’s a rarity I ever really get to see him live in the flesh. I will take any opportunity presented to me so long as it doesn’t result in a restraining order!

On Saturday I solidified plans with a Twitter friend (Danielle!) to meet in Salem on Monday morning, check into our hotel, then hit the Swampscott, MA set we had heard they would be at all week. Rumblings that the set might not be in Swampscott and instead might be up in Westford started late Sunday night and by the time we were sitting together in our Salem hotel room it was pretty much confirmed that that was where they were. What sucked most about this was that neither of us had a car and with Westford being an hour away, we were kind of screwed. Thankfully yet another one of my Twitter friends (Kerri!) messaged me about going to set, and surely enough she came to pick us up when she got out of work that afternoon and we were off to some random quarry in Westford. What’s a quarry, anyway?

Our view of “base camp” on the ‘Grown Ups 2’ set.

Once in Westford we find that the address we were given is actually a private residence which has been closed off for extra’s holding and catering. Instead of lurking around private property we decided to drive around the block to look for trailers or any sign of a film set, and we were in luck! Just around the corner there were signs for a “VIP Base Camp” at the end of a long dirt driveway with a super friendly police officer patrolling a handful of fans waiting of just about anyone, but mostly Taylor Lautner. After being forced to park what seemed like miles away we took up residency on a cozy little boulder on the side of the dirt driveway thanks to the police officer who told us we could, and the waiting commenced. We couldn’t see any of the trailers because they were up the driveway hidden away behind trees and what-not (see pictures below), but we knew they were up there because of all the vans and trucks that kept making their way in and out with cast, crew, and props. The best news was that by the time we got there it looked like they were cleaning up, so we didn’t have to wait that long at all!

We got to see pretty much everyone leave, including: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, Milo Ventimiglie, David Henrie, Nick Swardson, and Alexander Ludwig. Though the only person to get out of their car and take pictures was Alexander, everyone else was either sitting in the front seat waving or had their window down to high five all the fans as they drove by. Even without getting a bunch of pictures it was still really awesome, and I will have my picture with Alex and some videos of the other cast leaving up in a later blog!

Taylor was one of the very last to leave, and his car came down immediately behind Adam Sandler’s. While Adam Sandler was high fiving people out of his backseat window I noticed a sweet smile and some tan skin sticking out of a window in the truck behind him. Sure enough, it was Taylor! Though he wasn’t able to get out of the car he gave lots of high fives and took as many pictures through the window as he could before he got swarmed. I was too busy taking video and being completely awe-struck to try taking a picture, but it worked out because in my video he looks directly into my camera and gives me a wave! SWOONS FOREVER.

But, the story doesn’t end there. Fate is about to step in.

Gee, do you think this is where the ‘Grown Ups 2 cast is?

After a small freak out session in the driveway over seeing everyone, especially Taylor, we realized that the entire cast and crew was gone and it was time to go. It was so early and we had the night free now, so we decided to drive down to Boston for the night and get dinner on the town. We drove downtown, parked in one of those multi-story underground lots that I thought was totally creepy, and came up street side to find the first decent looking restaurant to grab some nourishment after a long, stressful day. The three of us are walking down the sidewalk when… “Um, is that…?” And yes. Yes it was. There was Taylor in all of his tan skin glory getting out of his car in work out clothes, a Boston fitted, and holding a football. It looked like he had walked right out of the gym, it was magical! Of course we asked for pictures and even though he seemed (and looked) really tired, he was sweet enough to say, “Of course, let’s do this!” Taylor took pictures with all three of us and then a little girl who spotted him from across the street with her mom before thanking us and wishing us all a goodnight.

I know that I am always going on about how nice this celebrity was and how nice that celebrity was, but I promise you one thing and one thing only: No one, and I mean NO ONE, is as nice to their fans as Taylor Lautner. No one. In all the times I have seen him (promoting ‘Twilight’ movies, filming ‘Abduction’, etc.) I have never seen him turn anyone down, or be rude, throw shade, or even be just the slightest ounce of annoyed at anyone asking for a picture or a signature. Never. Not once. So, your faves may be your faves, but Taylor Lautner is the be-all, end-all personification of celebrities who love their fans. I am grateful to Taylor for always being so kind, so generous, and so charming.

Stay tuned for more blogs from the ‘Grown Ups 2’ set! I’ve got more coming!

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7 thoughts on “210 Miles to Taylor Lautner

  1. Absolutely amazing!! Isn’t it HAWT to see Tay in a Boston hat?!! Never thought I’d see the day, but being a Bostonian myself…I gotta haul my bum down hopefully this weekend! Thanks for the picture and post…sounds like a great time!!! 😛

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