Throwback Thursday: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Set!

Andrew Garfield & I on the set of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ in Woodside, NY back in May 2011.

Throwback Thursday returns!

While ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘ is now in theaters and you have hopefully already seen it, I would like to share some pre-website pictures with you that I took with the cast on the set back in Spring 2011. As you know, normally when a film is released I share some pictures with you from the casts promotional appearances or even the New York premiere, but unfortunately ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ promotion happened the same week as the ‘Magic Mike‘ promotion and I had my heart set on meeting Joe Manganiello for quite some time – so ‘Magic Mike’ won that battle!

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ was filming all over New York in early 2011 with locations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. It seemed like every day there was another set of set candids lurking the blogosphere, and fans were seeing Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and the rest of the cast including Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Rhys Ifans filming all the time. I also kept hearing that the set was in a constant state of lockdown, so I wasn’t sure if trekking out every day would be worth it in the end. To me it seemed like there was a 50/50 chance and it just depended on what was being filmed and where, which is too unpredictable for a set as big as ‘Spider-Man’s.

Then, as if they knew my friends and I had been toying with the idea of going for some time, suddenly the set was in Woodside! We read that ‘Spider-Man’ would be filming at the US Post Office right under the 7 train on Roosevelt Avenue and 61st Street – a major MTA hub that also includes the Woodside Long Island Railroad stop. Seeing as I and most of my friends live in Queens as well, this was pretty much like a gift from the movie set Gods.

When we got to the set all the locals were in barricades right in front of the building they were actually filming behind hoping to catch a glimpse of someone famous. My friends and I, the professionals, skipped right past the set and found the cast trailers to wait by instead. As luck would have it the cast wasn’t even on set yet, so a little while after getting we got there and claimed a nice little spot on the corner out walked Martin Sheen on his way to film! Martin was such a gentleman, he shook all of our hands and introduced himself before we took pictures with him. Considering this was pretty much in the middle of all of the Charlie Sheen Adonis DNA/Tiger Blood/Winning chaos, it was nice to see that his family drama did not deter him from being the professional that he is. Of course we thought that this meant that the night would be super easy from here on out as the only other person on set was Andrew Garfield, but Peter Parker made us wait it out for a couple of hours before making an appearance.

Martin Sheen and I in Woodside, NY on the set of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ in May 2011.

By the time Andrew was outside of his trailer taking pictures a few of the local fans had taken notice of the trailers, especially after Martin came out and took pictures, so a handful of them decided to wait where we were. Considering there were about 50-60 locals hanging out by the actual set, this was nothing and so long as they behaved and didn’t get us all in trouble with the PA’s I knew we’d be okay. Though Andrew seemed a little tired from the night shoots he had been doing, he was very sweet to each person who asked for a picture or an autograph. There were no paparazzi around or even any graphers, so he got a chance to have a nice, genuine moment with real fans there to experience meeting him. Even though our picture is a little dark, it’s one of my favorite set pictures I’ve ever taken.

I haven’t seen the movie yet (I know, I know – I suck at life) but I am pretty sure that the scene they were filming is shown in the trailer. The bit where Spider-Man is confronting a bad guy who pulls out a knife, and Spider-Man makes a joke about how he found his weakness and it’s small knives. I could be wrong, but I hope to find out when I check the movie out this weekend!

If you would like to share these pictures on your web-site please make sure to credit back to my site. Thank you!


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