The Channing Tatum Effect

Fans take over the sidewalk while waiting for Channing Tatum to leave the Today Show.

I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to the fan world. If I started a list now I might never finish the original point of this blog, so I’ll save that for another day. The one that fits this bill though is when you are waiting for a celebrity before or after a TV appearance, or at a red carpet event, or wherever, the crowd is bigger than originally anticipated by most, and someone in the crowd goes, “Well I’m a better fan because I met them first three months ago at [insert date/time/place here] and none of these people were there.”

I am sad to report that as of Thursday morning, I am now guilty of this crime against my fellow fans.

Channing Tatum & I outside of the Today Show.

There are quite a few celebrities I have met over the year that I have noticed either a massive swell or a significant decline in the crowd they draw. Channing Tatum is a prime example of someone whose crowd has swelled – so much so that if he were a beach, there may not be any sand left before the dunes. This is a very exciting thing to witness firsthand, and I can tell after this week that Channing is definitely a little overwhelmed by it these days based on his demeanor with fans at different appearances. When I saw him a few months ago after an appearance on Live with Kelly and the crowd was bigger than expected, he was overwhelmed in a more excited fashion. Channing was still trying to sign everything, take every picture, and even try to have conversations with fans. This time you could tell that he was overwhelmed in a much more nervous fashion, like he knew he could only take pictures OR sign autographs but not both, and that he had to do it as quickly as possible before a riot started.

The thing is, the crowd wasn’t that big when I got there. In fact, I got there late… my friends had all been there well before me, and it wasn’t until Channing pulled up and everyone who followed him (yes, people actually do that) filled the sidewalk as he went inside that things got crazy. This particular experience was the first time I have ever seen the Today Show need to put barricades up. Unfortunately because all of those fans showed up out of nowhere, lots of people who had been there before them didn’t get a spot on any of the barricades. Somewhere in the midst of chaos I went off on a tangent about how none of these people showed up at any ‘Dear John’ promo or something, which is where I committed the unfortunate crime I am not proud of. The reason why saying something like that isn’t cool is because when you are a fan of someone, you want them to succeed. A sign of success is a swelled fan base, and therefore if there are 10x’s as many fans out for someone the next time you go out to meet them… that’s a good thing. Maybe not for you, but. Still.

Either way, meeting Channing Tatum this go-around was as much exciting as it was exhausting. I am happy to see that someone as genuinely talented as Channing is getting the recognition he so rightly deserves, and I can’t wait to see what is to come for him!

Here is some video I took at the Today Show yesterday. When you’re done watching this, make sure you go see ‘Magic Mike’ immediately!

If you would like to share these pictures and video on your web-site please make sure to credit back to my site. Thank you!


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