Missed Encounters: The Emma Stone Edition

Emma Stone signs autographs during her arrival at the Today Show.

Alright, this is going to be a total whine-fest about what on Twitter I would refer to as a ‘#fangirlproblem’. You’ve been warned.

I have been trying to meet Emma Stone for over a year. It started at the ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ premiere after party which was held at Tao here in New York, and it refuses to get any better as time goes on. For some reason that I don’t remember I missed the premiere red carpet so instead I high-tailed it to the after party where I met my friends who had been able to see the film at the premiere. We waited for quite some time to see the cast arrive and they did, slowly, but none of them came over to take pictures or sign autographs. In all fairness, it was a little hectic, and security had the fan barricade pretty far away from the entrance, so I don’t want you to think that they were shunning fans in and out intentionally. Every situation is different, especially at such a big event like that.

Anyway, when Emma left the party she walked over to the barricade that my friends and I were on with security and started taking pictures with my friends. You could tell that she had had a couple of drinks inside, and rightfully so as this was a celebration, so she was in a great mood. However, as she was taking pictures, a gaggle of fans made their way around the barricade (my BIGGEST pet peeve in fan world) and surrounded her while screaming at her for a picture. It was so intense and there were so many of them that I specifically remember Emma putting her hands up and telling everyone to calm down. Emma proceeded to start taking pictures with the gaggle of girls, and I was the only one left on the barricade who she hadn’t taken a picture with. Even as the chaos erupted I stayed behind the barricade like we’re required to do by security for safety reasons, and I proceeded to ask Emma politely for a picture each time she finished with another girl that hadn’t followed the rules. Once she was done I asked again and a security guard, not sure if it was her own personal or one from Tao, got in my face and told me I already took one. Um. No. I didn’t. As you might have guessed, Emma was then whisked away to her car and gone forever. Awesome.

Since then I have had a couple more missed opportunities with Emma Stone. Off the top of my head I can list off this years NBR Awards at Cipriani 42nd Street where I was shoved out of my spot on the barricade when she arrived, and this years Met Gala where fans were literally chasing her in the middle of the street while she was trying to get to her car. I don’t ever chase after anyone like that, so I don’t see the appeal and I definitely wasn’t going to start that night.

Tuesday morning I woke up bright and early sure as anything that today was the day Emma and I would be able to finally meet. I got to the Today Show nice and early to scope it out, and I decided to hang by the side door in hopes she wouldn’t garage it in. She didn’t! I was so excited when she stepped out of her car and onto the sidewalk, even as she told the group of people who had completely blocked her path into the studio that they were rude for doing so. Emma proceeded to sign some autographs for the eBay-ers while I stood on the side and watched, waiting for an opportunity to ask for a picture. At first her publicist said she wasn’t going to take any pictures and Emma re-iterated it, but when everyone kept asking she eventually caved. I made my way around the crowd as she was taking pictures with mostly people who already had pictures with her, trying to figure out the best way to approach her without elbowing my way through the small crowd like a psycho. I hate people who do that. Security cleared a path for her to head inside so I decided to wait closer to the entrance where I was out of her way and didn’t have to shove anyone to see her. When she walked towards me I said, “Emma, can I please take a picture with you? I’ve been here all morning and have never met you…”, but it was pointless. Emma put her head down and walked inside while the security guard apologized to me.

So, I guess it’s safe to assume that I will just never meet Emma Stone. #fangirlproblems

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