I Made Joe Manganiello Laugh Yesterday, What’d You Do?

Joe Manganiello & I outside the Today Show.

‘Magic Mike’ is less than 24 hours away and the excitement surrounding the film is pretty intense. I have been looking forward to ‘Magic Mike’ since it was announced, cast, and filming, and have been waiting for this week of promo for what feels like forever!

Tuesday morning after my Emma Stone bust I stuck around and waited for ‘Magic Mike’ star Joe Manganiello to arrive for his 10am appearance on the Today Show. Even though I had been really excited about Emma, I knew that if I didn’t come home having met my favorite cast member of ‘True Blood’ I was going to be super upset.

Joe arrived a few minutes early and was barely on the curb by the time he started signing autographs and taking pictures. I was a little annoyed because the fans swarmed him at the curb and he couldn’t really move, but Joe was super nice and accommodating to everyone no matter how they approached him. Since he was really cutting it close to his call time his publicist attempted to whisk him inside, and they headed in my direction to try and create a path to the door. Once Joe was next to me I told him I had been there since 7am and asked for a picture to which he replied, “You have? Of course!” I was afraid the picture would be awkward since he is so tall and I had to take it my self, but it actually came out pretty cute if I do say so my self!

Joe Manganiello & I outside of the Wendy Williams show.

This morning I decided I wanted to try and get a normal picture with Joe – this was super greedy of me, I know. I’m sorry! I knew he was filming an appearance on Wendy Williams’ show since I had applied for audience tickets a few days earlier, so I headed to the Wendy studio in midtown with high hopes. Joe arrived around 1pm to a nice sized but very well behaved crowd of fans. I was actually very impressed with how polite they all were and how no one felt the need to shove or break any rules in order to get their pictures taken. I asked Joe for a picture once it was my turn and he obliged, and after the flash went off I turned to tell him that I had seen ‘Magic Mike’ last night and thought it was amazing. “It’s great, right? Thank you!” Then, in a moment of complete randomness I said, “It was like a religious experience.” Instead of thinking I was a total creep Joe laughed pretty hard, so I didn’t feel too badly about my word vomit!

If you’re looking for a review all I have to say is this: If you don’t have plans to see ‘Magic Mike’ already, make them immediately. Even though I got to see it at an advanced screening Tuesday night – AND LOVED IT –  I am still going to see it at midnight tonight with all of my friends and I. CANNOT. WAIT.

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