VIDEO: Justin Bieber at The Apollo!

When I first heard that Justin Bieber was coming to town and that he would be holding a free surprise concert to promote his latest album ‘Believe’ I was ready to set up tents at venues all over the city to ensure my spot in the audience. However, the week before the free concert was set to take place it was announced that in order to get tickets to the show you had to be one of the first 500 people in line at Macy’s Herald Square to purchase a $150 perfume set. I was instantly annoyed at this because Justin had been doing free concerts all over the world at this point, which was why it was called the ‘All Around the World’ tour, and they had all been FREE for fans. Why was New York so different? Does Justin’s team of people think we are all made of money? It was especially infuriating because I had made plans to be out of town that weekend and by the time I was getting home on Monday all the tickets at Macy’s would be gone. I’m not particularly proud of it, but I even took the time to tweet Justin Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun about how unfair I thought the situation was.

Later on I found out that the original free concert was set to take place in Times Square, but the city of New York feared that it would attract too many people and become a major safety issue – therefore they revoked their permits. The Apollo Theater had 48 hours to coordinate with Justin’s team in order to put the show on without a hitch, and they succeeded!

When I showed up at The Apollo Monday evening I was there solely to meet someone to drop something off, then I was heading home. A few of my friends were outside the theater waiting to see if any tickets opened up and I decided to hang around as well in hopes that they were onto something. I even gave myself a time limit: If the show started and I was still standing outside, I was going to go home. I’m not particularly fond of Harlem, nor do I know anyone who is, and I was also exhausted from my long weekend away at the shore. Within minutes – literally five or ten minutes after I showed up – Scooter Braun walked outside with a handful of tickets. It was like a Christmas miracle happening right in front of my face! I froze when I realized what was happening, but thankfully my friend beasted towards where Scooter was and asked him for tickets while he was handing them out to the crowd. We were in!

The show was incredible. I have always said that Justin Bieber can put on one hell of a performance and he only solidified that on stage at the historical Apollo Theater. Justin is a triple threat: He sings, he dances, and he plays instruments. And yes, Justin did all three that night! Unfortunately right before the last two songs an electrical transformer blew out in The Apollo causing all of the sound equipment to not be working, and once they figured out they couldn’t fix it the show ended. Justin performed “Boyfriend” for the audience with no music, no mic, just his back up dancers and the audience singing along though! Check out my three videos below and don’t judge me too hard for the fangirl-ish squeals you can hear in the background. This IS Professional FAN GIRL after all…

Here is a montage of video taken throughout the show including Justin’s introduction with “Somebody to Love”, “All Around the World” (surprise appearance by Ludacris included), “Die In Your Arms”, Justin talking to the audience about & performing “Be Alright”, and the crowd singing “Boyfriend” after The Apollo’s soundboard lost power.

During “One Less Lonely Girl” Justin Bieber brought Avalanna Routh (aka Mrs. Bieber) on stage to serenade. Afterwards he talked to her while she was still on stage and she told the audience they were too loud! She’s very cute and I wish her nothing but the best – please keep her in your prayers.

While we were all waiting for the power to get fixed Justin took it upon himself to keep us entertained by jamming out on the drums for a bit. See? Triple threat.


If you would like to share these videos on your web-site please make sure to credit back to my site. Thank you!


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