GIVEAWAY: A Custom Painted Justin Bieber Record from Valderie’s Originals on Etsy!

A few weeks ago my friend Valerie and I decided to join fan girl forces and create something super awesome for one lucky fan girl out there in the world to enjoy. For those of you that don’t know who Valerie is, she is the artistic force and creator behind Valderie Originals on Etsy. Valerie has sold over 469 items from her Etsy shop and she specializes in painting vinyl records with lyrics, portraits, logo’s, or just about anything else you want! I have two of Valerie’s “originals” in my apartment and I think you should have at least one, too. As a matter of fact, feel free to go make a custom order RIGHT NOW!

In honor of Justin Bieber’s new album “Believe” (which is on iTunes RIGHT NOW so go get it!) I asked Valerie to replicate the logo that West Coast Customs created for Justin Bieber’s Cadillac last year. To no surprise she has created yet another masterpiece – this one for the ultimate Justin Bieber fan who wants to own a little something of his that not everyone gets to have!


1.) US & Canada entries only. (I am so sorry international fans – really! I hope to have something for you SOON.)

2.) One entry per household.

3.) Giveaway ends exactly one week from today – 12am June 26th EXTENDED TO 12AM 7/3. Winners will be posted 7/4.


1.) Leave a comment on this post and this post only telling me what your favorite song off of “Believe” is! NOTE: Your comment may not appear immediately. You only need to leave one!

2.) Make sure when you leave a comment you use your legit email address so I can contact you for shipping information.

3.) Spread the giveaway word on Facebook & Twitter!

When you’re done make sure to tell everyone you know about Valderie Originals on Etsy, too! There are some awesome painted records currently up for sale in a million different genre’s from David Bowie to The Beatles to The Offspring, as well as some TV & Movie items from shows like ‘Lost‘ and movies like ‘The Dark Knight‘.


14 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: A Custom Painted Justin Bieber Record from Valderie’s Originals on Etsy!

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