Andy Samberg Speaks At Harvard University

Yesterday I was talking to my brother about his upcoming high school graduation and departure for college when he asked me if I had seen Andy Samberg’s speech at Harvard University’s College Class Day this month. I hadn’t, and he told me that it was 20 minutes of pure Andy Samberg hilarity that I needed to see immediately.

When you think about graduating college, specifically from somewhere like Harvard University, what kind of speaker do you think will come in for an event like this? Political figures, CNN celebrities, maybe an actual Harvard graduate? I wouldn’t even imagine Andy Samberg being the speaker at a community college let alone Harvard, even despite the fact that he is both hilarious and successful. However, I have to say, Harvard University seems to have made the perfect choice considering how well received all of Andy’s goofball antics like kissing the dude that introduced him while listening to Adele’s “Someone Like You” before even taking the podium, and reminding anyone who majored in “History, Literature, all things related to art, Social Studies, East Asian Studies, pretty much anything that ends with studies…” will all be deemed useless once they graduate unless they can be turned into an iPhone app. He is 125% correct.

Later he also surprises the crowd by singing “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan. Graduation appropriate? No. Hilarious? Yes. Just like his impersonation skills which shortly followed, including one of my all-time favorite Andy Samberg celebrity impersonations Mark Wahlberg from the epic SNL skit “Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals”.

Say hello to your mother for me, Harvard graduates.

P.S. – How do you think the Harvard Professors felt about Andy’s on-stage proclamation that, and I quote, “Yale sucks balls!”?


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