CW Upfronts: “The Vampire Diaries” Cast!

Every single year that I have attended Upfronts I have gone for one person and one person only: Paul Wesley.

I will never forget the first time I saw him outside of the 2012 CW Upfronts which at the time were held at The Theater inside Madison Square Garden. Paul came outside after the presentation with Nina Dobrev and signed a bunch of autographs while I watched from a row or two back, hopelessly trying to get his attention in hopes of squeezing up to the barricade for a picture. Last year the one event I wasn’t able to attend at all during Upfronts week was the CW Upfronts, go figure, but while I was sitting at work every single one of my friends got to meet Paul at the after party. When I say every single one, I mean literally: every. single. one.

This year was do or die as far as I was concerned and I am happy to show off the fact that I finally succeeded! It was not without effort though. Aside from the fact I was up, ready, and in midtown super early it seemed like everyone was in a rush before and after the presentation. Paul practically ran into the red carpet and press area beforehand, but on his way back out he stopped for a few fans before heading back into the hotel with the rest of the cast. As I was watching him make his way down the barricade he started to wrap up and I could hear his publicist saying things like, “Okay, last one! He’s gotta go!” and panic ensued. So, I did what any fangirl in my situation would do: I beasted. I beasted hard.

Before I knew it I was leaning over the barricade, my upper body curved around a gigantic security guard, speaking to Paul as he began to walk away. “Paul! I come to Upfronts every year to meet you and still haven’t met you!” So what does Paul do? He comes right over and says, “Well, here I am!” I. Die. We took our picture and he thanked me for coming and I think I passed out afterwards. (Not really, but still.)

Paul Wesley was not my only “The Vampire Diaries” cast member I met during Upfronts week. Below are my pictures with Kat Graham, Candice Accola, Steven R. McQueen, and Zach Roerig. I have to say it was a pretty epic way to close out Upfronts week!

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If you would like to share these pictures on your web-site please make sure to credit back to my site and do not remove any tags. Thank you!


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