CW Upfronts: “Hart of Dixie” Cast!

Last Thursday the CW Upfronts closed out Upfronts week here in New York. The presentation itself was held in Midtown on 55th Street, just around the corner from the London Hotel which was where the red carpet happened to be. I knew the presentation would be at 10:30am and that it would be swarming with CW fans so I made sure to leave bright and early at about 7am to secure a spot on the barricade, but I was sorely mistaken. By the time I got off the train there were no spots on the barricade and my friends and I were left wondering if miracles still existed. We noticed that the red carpet was set up inside the London walkway and decided to take a stroll around the corner and see what was going on over there which is how we stumbled upon the barricades they had set up in front of the hotel. The barricades were originally intended to create a walkway for talent from the front entrance of the hotel to where the red carpet was set up inside the outdoor area, but ended up being a barrier for fans like myself to hang around in hopes of seeing their favorite CW stars. Either way, I was thrilled they were there!

Shortly after 9am the stars started rolling out of the London to make their way onto the red carpet and start dealing with press. The CW Upfronts is the only one I’ve seen where the talent hits the red carpet before the presentation, because the talent is usually set to be a surprise for other networks. I guess the CW likes to do things differently given all of their die-hard fan bases. Stars from their returning shows like ‘90210‘ and ‘Supernatural‘ were present to show off their success, while other stars where there to debut clips from their newly picked up shows like ‘Arrow‘, ‘Beauty & the Beast‘, and ‘The Carrie Diaries‘. One of the CW’s newest shows which was picked up for a second season was their to represent, and that show is ‘Hart of Dixie‘! Though I didn’t get the chance to meet the show’s star Rachel Bilson who I have loved since ‘The O.C.‘, I did get a chance to meet all of the guys featured on the show from Scott Porter to Wilson Bethel and Cress Williams. All of the guys were really nice and seemed thrilled to be in attendance and help promote ‘Hart of Dixie‘. I didn’t mention to them that I still haven’t watched the season finale though. Oops.

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