Baz Luhrmann Takes On “The Great Gatsby”

There are few things I love more than I love Carey Mulligan, and one of those things is a period piece film with a modern day touch. Baz Luhrmann is sort of a God when it comes to mashing up classics with something new, and that is how he created two of my favorite films: ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and ‘Moulin Rouge’.

Baz’s films are usually received with heavy criticism, but they have always appealed to me. That’s why it is no surprise that the trailer for his latest, “The Great Gatsby“, has me drooling. From the opening sound of “No Church in The Wild” off of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch the Throne” album to Daisy Buchanan effortlessly personified by Carey Mulligan, I am in. Signed, sealed, and delivered!

My only qualm with the film? 3D. I get that 3D film is like the new fun thing that all filmmakers want to try just to say they have, but this trailer looks pretty perfect on my non-3D laptop screen. It just seems unnecessary, but I’m sure there is reasoning behind it, one I won’t know until I cave and see it in 3D come this December.

What do you think of the trailer?


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