CBS Upfronts: Melissa McCarthy & Dennis Quaid!

Melissa McCarthy & I outside Carnegie Hall following the CBS Upfronts.

This was my first year swinging by the CBS Upfronts at Carnegie Hall and I have to say that the celebrity guest turnout was much  better than I expected! My original intention when decided to hit the event up was to meet Ashton Kutcher, Kat Dennings, and Beth Behrs. I am a huge fan of Ashton’s version of ‘Two and A Half Men‘, but unfortunately he is off filming the Steve Jobs biopic and couldn’t make it to Upfronts. I am also a huge fan of ‘2 Broke Girls‘ with Kat and Beth, and even though they were in attendance meeting them didn’t work out in my favor.

Not many of CBS’s stars stopped outside of Carnegie Hall but one who did was someone I was really, really excited to meet: Melissa McCarthy. Admittedly I don’t watch ‘Mike & Molly‘ – though I’m sure it’s hilarious – but I am a big fan of ‘Bridesmaids‘ which was Melissa’s breakout role from last year. Melissa was beautiful in person and so nice that I was actually taken back by it. Celebrities as kind as Melissa McCarthy are a rare breed, so it’s always refreshing to meet a new one!

Dennis Quaid & I at Lincoln Center for the CBS Upfronts after party.

After Carnegie Hall I walked over to Lincoln Center where the CBS after party was being held in hopes of seeing some more of the network talent. When I got there Dennis Quaid who has a new show coming to CBS in the Fall called ‘Vegas‘ was outside taking pictures with fans and I was fortunate enough to get one. I don’t know much about his new show but I knew that ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting‘ would be hitting theaters this weekend so I was very excited to be meeting one of the cast members! Dennis is very tan in person. He was also very keen on looking everyone who asked for a picture in the eyes. I feel like we had a moment. It was sort of awkward, actually.

Fingers crossed that Ashton Kutcher, Kat Dennings, and Beth Behrs are still on CBS next year so I can give it another go!

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