NBC Upfronts: ‘Smash’ Success!

Christina Borle and I outside of the NBC Upfronts after party.

Monday night following the FOX Upfronts after party at Wollman Rink there was another party for the NBC Upfronts at Del Posto. The NBC Upfronts presentation itself had happened much earlier in the day, but I had skipped it since I knew there would be a party that same night. Seeing as how the FOX Upfronts after party had sort of been a bust I was a little nervous when I got to Del Posto about an hour before the party was slated to begin, but thankfully the crowd wasn’t too crazy. I kept my fingers crossed that it would stay that way, and while the crowd itself did grow they were pretty well behaved overall. I don’t mind big crowds so long as they aren’t being maniacs.

Jack Davenport and I outside of the NBC Upfronts after party Monday evening.

One thing I knew that I was definitely missing out on by being at the NBC party was the ‘Smash’ finale. Thankfully I have DVR, but since we were going to learn who finally gets to be Marilyn (Kat McPhee or Megan Hilty?!) I was terrified of spoilers. What if someone at the party mentioned it? Even worse, what if a cast member mentioned it? I was forever grateful that when I actually did meet ‘Smash’ stars Christian Borle, Jack Davenport, and Megan Hilty that the finale wasn’t ruined for me. If anything, it made it more exciting! The first of the ‘Smash’ cast I met was Jack Davenport who plays Derek, the slutty-but-brilliant director of Bombshell. Though I have mixed feelings about Jack’s character I have to say that in person he was very charming, though I may have just been swooning over the British accent.

Megan Hilty and I outside of the NBC Upfronts after party held at Del Posto Monday evening.

Next to arrive to the party was Christian Borle who I missed going inside. Christian, who plays songwriter Tom on ‘Smash’, was more than happy to stop for a picture when he was leaving though which I was very happy about! Megan Hilty arrived a little late to the party but was still willing to take a quick picture on her way inside. I have to say that even though I despise Megan’s character Ivy on ‘Smash’ she is breathtakingly beautiful in person. [SMASH FINALE SPOILER AHEAD!] Even though she doesn’t get to play Marilyn in on the show she definitely exudes the same blonde bombshell sexiness that Marilyn herself once did. Admittedly I was very much Team Karen Cartwright (Kat McPhee) all season long though, so even though Kat wasn’t at the NBC party with the rest of the cast I was still very happy with the season finale. The last number titled “Don’t Forget Me” performed by Kat McPhee completely blew me away – I had goosebumps!

I couldn’t find a video of the actual performance by Kat McPhee from the ‘Smash’ finale but I did find the audio which is a delight on it’s own. Check it out below!

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