NBC Upfronts: Party Time with the Stars!

Joel McHale and I outside the NBC Upfronts after party at Del Posto Monday night.

As I mentioned in my previous ‘Smash’ cast post from the NBC Upfronts after party, the crowd was pretty big but still very well behaved outside of the event held at Del Posto. Thanks to the well behaved crowd I got the chance to meet a bevy of different NBC stars both new and old who were all in attendance to support their network. Since I have so many pictures from Monday night I made a slideshow for you guys to check out. If I tried to write a paragraph for every thumbnail it would be so TL;DR you might not ever come back to my blog and that would be sad.

Among the NBC stars I have pictures with from Monday night are: Joel McHale from ‘Community’, Jesse Bradford who will star on this Fall’s ‘DILFs’, Dane Cook who will star on this Fall’s ‘Next Caller’, Cee-lo Green and Carson Daly from ‘The Voice’, Billy Burke whose show ‘Revolution’ was picked up for Fall as well, & Adam Scott from ‘Parks and Recreation’!

To think, that was just a handful of the celebrities in attendance on top of the ‘Smash’ cast that I also met. Upfronts week really brings them all out!

I will admit that I was most excited about meeting Dane Cook. When I heard he had a show coming to NBC in the Fall I knew that he would be my #1 priority since I have been a fan of his stand-up work since I can remember. Check out our picture in the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 thoughts on “NBC Upfronts: Party Time with the Stars!

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