ABC Upfronts: ‘Suburgatory’ Fun!

Carly Chaikin & I outside of the ABC Upfronts party Tuesday night held at the Dream Downtown.

One of the best part of Upfronts week here in New York is that the chances you will get to meet some of your favorite TV characters live and in the flesh are usually pretty high. Especially if those TV characters are one of the hottest and most popular on whatever specified network they might be one. In this case, I got to meet Dalia Royce and Ryan Shay – or we can call them by their real names, Carly Chaikin and Parker Young – from ABC’s ‘Suburgatory’!

Tuesday night was a pretty gross night what with the on and off rain and the heinous amounts of humidity, but that didn’t stop my friends and I from heading out to meet some celebrities. When there are this many of them in town, especially ones you don’t get to see often since they all film their TV shows elsewhere, sometimes the state of the weather is just irrelevant.

Parker Young & I outside the ABC Upfronts party on Tuesday night.

I spotted Carly Chaikin leaving the ABC Upfronts after party at the Dream Downtown and might have freaked out a little bit. Thankfully Brian was there to call her over for pictures since he knew how she plays hands down my favorite new character on television: Dalia Royce. If you have ever seen an episode of ‘Suburgatory’ – and hopefully you have seen them all – you know that Carly steals every single scene she is in. Dalia’s extremely vacant, and thanks to Carly’s deadpan line delivery she is absolutely hilarious to watch.

Parker Young, another ‘Suburgatory’ favorite of mine, had left the party when we got there but thankfully returned later on in the evening and was super sweet to cross the street for pictures with us. Ryan is not your typical boy next door in the sense that he is drop dead gorgeous, but he does play a pretty convincing ego-centric high school jock. I love Ryan Shay because not only is he really pretty, and really funny, and really athletic, but he’s also offered some pretty great wisdom to Jane Levy’s character which gives him a lot more depth than may meet the eye.

I can’t wait to see what season 2 brings for the ‘Suburgatory’ cast! If all goes well maybe I’ll get to meet Jeremy Sisto, Jane Levy, and Cheryl Hines next year, too. In the meantime here’s a hilarious video of Carly Chaikin showing off her hip-hop skills. You’re welcome.

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