Anna Kendrick On the Season Finale of ‘Family Guy’!

Anna Kendrick & I at the ’50/50′ NYC premiere in 2011.

It was announced at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con that my all-time favesie actress Anna Kendrick would be features on this season of ‘Family Guy‘. As the season went on and I didn’t hear a single peep further about it, I chalked it up to a scheduling conflict and figured it didn’t work out in ‘Family Guy‘s favor. Anna did film seven movies last year, after all!

Turns out I’m just too impatient because today ‘Family Guy‘ released a behind-the-scenes look at Anna Kendrick’s cameo as rookie cop Nora on this Sunday’s season finale. With ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting‘ in theaters this Friday it seems like Anna is going to have one awesome weekend!


2 thoughts on “Anna Kendrick On the Season Finale of ‘Family Guy’!

  1. That’s awesome that you got to meet Anna Kendrick! I just wish I was going to be home when the season finale of Family Guy airs; I heard there’s going to be a big Peter vs. Giant Chicken fight. Oh well, I’ll DVR it and watch it on my day off. Actually that’ll be better anyway since I have the Auto Hop feature on my Hopper now. I usually skip the commercials anyway, but now with that feature I can watch it without having to constantly press the Skip Forward button during the inevitably too-long commercial breaks. It’s really convenient and makes me happy that my coworker at Dish talked me into getting a Hopper. And I really don’t mind watching shows the day after they air (especially if I can skip the commercials), I just hope no one spoils Bonnie’s reaction to Joe’s affair before then.

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