FOX Upfronts: ‘Glee’, ‘New Girl’, & …Britney Spears?

Demi Lovato and LA Reid arriving at the Wollman Rink in Central Park for the FOX Upfronts after party.

After kicking off Upfronts week on Sunday night by hitting up some agency parties, it was go-time on Monday afternoon when the FOX Upfronts presentation hit the Beacon Theater. While I skipped the actual presentation and opted to hit up the after party at Wollman Rink instead, sadly I was not the only one who had that stroke of genius idea. I got to Wollman Rink very shortly after 4pm – when the FOX Upfronts presentation at Beacon Theater started – and it was already jam packed with fans. Every year he FOX Upfronts get crazier and crazier as far as the fans go and I have to admit that after this year I don’t think I will be attending next year. I lucked out back in 2010 when ‘Glee’ was first becoming a huge success and they basically owned the  Upfronts presentation when I met almost the entire cast, but every year since I haven’t really had much luck in meeting anyone from the network so I think it may be time to call it quits.

Zooey Deschanel signing autographs for fans outside of Wollman Rink.

I have to admit that FOX wasn’t a complete and total bust for me though. I got to meet Lamorne Morris from ‘New Girl’ which was exciting considering that just the previous night I had met Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone. Zooey Deschanel even came out to sign some autographs and take some pictures which is such a rare, rare thing for her to do so it was a treat watching all of her fans get to meet her! I know so many people who have tried to meet her over the years and have asked for pictures and she has turned them down, so to see that maybe she is easing up a bit as far as fan interaction goes is pretty cool. Speaking of people who don’t usually stop for fans, in the three years I have been doing Upfronts I have never seen Lea Michele sign a single autograph let alone take a picture with anyone – and yesterday she did both! I had heard that she was becoming a bit more accessible at events and the like, so to see it happen live and in-person was definitely awesome. I know that she made a lot of ‘Glee’ fans very happy yesterday!

‘Glee’s Naya Rivera & ‘Fringe’s Joshua Jackson share a golf cart back to their cars following the FOX Upfronts after party.

Some other exciting things that I got to witness at the FOX Upfronts after party were Naya Rivera and Joshua Jackson introducing themselves and then sharing a cab back to their separate cars, as well as ‘Glee’-king out over Darren Criss and Chris Colfer arriving on the same golf cart. This means absolutely nothing (seriously ‘Glee’ fans – they were just sharing a golf cart like everyone else had!), but it’s exciting seeing your favorite TV couples together in-person! Oh, and this isn’t a big deal or anything, but… Britney Spears was there. FOR REAL. Britney arrived with 3 golf carts full of security and her team, but didn’t stop for any fans. Someone told me that she waved and blew a kiss or two, but I didn’t see that with my own eyes so who knows. Queen B did not stay very long, maybe thirty minutes tops, but things were a lot calmer when she left as you can see in my video. Long after Britney was gone an Escalade drove into the park on the walkway all the way up to Wollman Rink and we thought she might be back, but nope – it was Kevin Bacon. How is it possible that Britney Spears can take a golf cart like everyone else on FOX, but Kevin Bacon needs an Escalade?! Crazytown.

Lamorne Morris from ‘New Girl’ stopped to take a quick picture before hitting the FOX party at Wollman Rink.

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